#SpeakerCon2019 was EPIC

Let me just say that #SpeakerCon2019 Awards and Gala was Epic. I was so thankful to be apart of the First Annual Speaker Con 2019 and to see all the amazing individuals there. I was very happy for all of the Winners. I was nominated for Faith Based Speaker of the Year.

I can say on this journey in 2013 after having a Conversion with God, when I asked him what was the next thing he wanted me to do. He replied to me was to speak about it. A couple days later a young lady asked me to speak and then my faith walk with God began. I will share the video of 6 years ago when I stepped out on faith trusting God to never leave me or forsake me.

There were so many Legends and speakers in the building that were standing in their truths, being their authentic selves. It was awesome.

I didn't win an award, but I am a Winner in Christ always. Being in that room allowed me to see what my hard work will accomplish. For that I am thankful.

Here is the Youtube video of me speaking to the teens and encouraging them with what God had given me to give. https://youtu.be/DwXFVs7RJpE

Yours Truly,

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