Encouragement Poetry

I  would like to share a poem from Lessons Shattered Pieces Being Restored. Today in life, I come across so many people who have to learn to love themselves more and accept the experiences they have gone through as Lessons. This is a Journey God had to take me on to see the blessings in disguise. Enjoy! 

I Can Only Be the Me I can only be the me I was destined to be Although bumps, bruises, and chaos built my shell That mentally attacked me, shaped me, and molded into who I am. Choosing no longer to operate in confusion or self-despair, Applied at new armor with God, confidence, and self-care: I can only be the me I was destined to be. I no longer choose to let others' words That slither in with lies, manipulation' and deceit attach to me, Only trying to discourage and further push down the beauty That exists on the inside of me Discouragement and Defeat have been laid aside, While positivity and willpower have stepped up and started to rise. I can only be the me I was destined to be, But it first took me being strong and brave enough To choose to work on me Not point the finger, and pass out blame. I had to take all the responsibility and correction To bring honor to my name Knowing our walks may be different, Some situations the same. Our growth will be custom-made to overcoming our own pain, So I say I really meaning we Can only be who we are destined to be, But your story starts and ends with us. By taking a look in the mirror and with Our determination to make a better us, We must go the distance and take the challenge. The journey starts here, knowing With Christ, we are the author and finisher of our faith. So ask yourself today What am I doing to ensure my destiny? For you can only be who you are destined to be. Copyrights © 2014 LaDonna Marie 

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