Restoration and Resiliency in Everyday Life.

I have been on this journey for a long time, empowering and encouraging others even when I needed it the most. God saw me and met me right where I was as a teen. I have always wanted to help and ensure that others had someone that could speak positive messages in their life.

My truth is that I almost took my life because I thought NO one would miss me if I left this world. God entered my life at the age and Validated me. He showed me that he loved and validated me. So as he helped me to heal, and he gave me gift of poetry. I thank the Giver of the gift, God.

My mission is to help others to overcome obstacles and find purpose in their journey. To help this to see that God will truly be there with you along your path. That’s in the good times and the bad. He will never leave or forsake you.

Encouraging others is a passion and purpose of mine. This is how I help them, through the books that he gives me to write to empower others. I want others to know that you can make it and you are enough.


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