The Recap of London!!!

First of all, it was amazing to be a Finalist for the Divas of Colour 2018. I found out I was a Finalist late December of 2017. Then in January, I made the shortlist. This was a dream come, to be able to have my books celebrated globally. I love the theme of the conference which was Mind Your Mind, the focus was on Mental Health Awareness. The Divas of Colour Conference Awards Dinner was March 25, 2018 in London at the Grange Hotel Tower Hill Bridge, 45 Prescot street , London E1 8GP.

My good friend Shelly Carpenter of Shelly C. Studio traveled with me. We wrote we would visit London on a vision board years ago and the dream came true this year!!! In each and every one of my books, I aspire to help people to overcome obstacles. Inside the pages, I meet them where they are and give them hope, faith, and resiliency skills to keep moving forward. I am always humbled by each award I received , this one meant a lot to be able to travel to London.

If you are reading this, always dream big and keep working on your dream. This started when I was 14, and I have continued to do my best to write and uphold the dream of impacting lives. I met so many amazing people, listened to their stories and networked. Each person I met was passionate about their story and made Amazing things happen in their life. They didn’t stop believing even when things were tough.

I won the Author of the Year Award and I was excited and humbled. Special Thanks to each of you that cheered me on, congratulated me, and purchased a book.

I appreciate You.


Author of the Year 2018


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