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"Journey through Poetry" Red City Review - 4 stars The reason this book of poetry succeeds at what it sets out to do is because the issues discussed are the kinds of things that everyone goes through. LaDonna has put together a book of poetry that all sorts of different women will be able to relate with. Her words are strong, but her voice is even louder, as she crafts poetic pieces of triumph.

No Disappointment

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This is the second book I have read by LaDonna and she surely did not disappoint. While I could go through what I loved about each piece, I will try to speak collectively. You see the growth in the author not in the sense that she was an amateur with her words, but the growth process she went through in life and exposing more of herself. When reading poetry I like to feel like I was in the poets shoes and feel what they feel. LaDonna Marie takes you on an encouraging and empowering ride through out the book. Ultimately you feel that connection where she's saying hey I've been there too. We got this, I didn't give up and you don't have to either. I truly salute the author poet and writer and will continue to recommend this book to others and supporting the author.

4.0 out of 5 stars It too shall pass......

Her poems are poured out with love and inspiration with encouraging godly words of wisdom! It teaches us and inspires us to move on no matter what the circumstances are!

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