Review of Eloquent Love Notes

Have you ever heard someone ask, what is love? How about the question, what does love feel like? Well, we will tell you that Author Marie’s book entitled, ‘Eloquent Love Notes’, delves deep into the incredible ocean of love, far beneath any conception of superficiality, where her fantasies come to life and desired dreams come true! Love, being one of the most legendary fundamentals in all the earth is sanctified in morality and blessed by Author Marie’s inspiring words in this wonderful edition. With such tenderness and grace, she humbly extracts all of the most important details and aspects of love; reminding us all of why love continues to be one of the most powerful existing elements still effecting hearts and souls all over the world today. Yet and still, as beautiful as love can be, in a challenging and occasionally cynical society, the purity of loves definition can easily become jaded, which all the more made us appreciate the honorable work of a virtuously confident soul such as Author Marie. Though love and commitment has its share of complexities, through untainted modesty and truth, Marie prompts us to consider all of the simple things that are known to bring out the best of love in relationships, for instance, the unexpected kisses on the forehead, or the silent passionate conversations initiated when eyes of love become hypnotized by resilient forces of enchantment. This book is overflowing with an abundance of poems that are worthy of respect and can be cherished eternally, but we would like to highlight one our favorites entitled, ‘He is my Poetry’. For one, we love the theme, as it is classically creative and we applaud the Author for originality! In addition to this, she defines the love of her life as ‘poetry’, and says, “With a presence that moves mountains he adds volume to the poem when he is my poetry”; metaphorically representing the prodigious power her love influences in her life daily, for one must possess remarkable strength to be able to move mountains! We also found this poem incredibly admirable because Marie is never afraid of being perceived as vulnerable, as her heart is stripped and bare, all the more demonstrating just how much she is willing to put on the line for the love of her life. To finally end our analysis of this book, we would like to say that the love in which Author Marie elaborates on is pure, everlasting, and authentic…so idealistic that at times, appears to be surreal! Magnifying God several times throughout the book made her love corporeal and spiritual, and after reading about the powerful effects of love, we can honestly say that we have literally fell in love with her passionate writing! Wonderful work, Author Marie! We look forward to reading your next book!

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