Poem: I See You

Poem: I See You As I release my poetic scribes, I recognize it is the flowing in my mind; For a minuet moment in time My thoughts are his thoughts. God put them there and helps me Decoding a messages that maybe Broad but touches the mind and hearts of many men and women of God; His wondrous work, we speak of Live by, and learn from. It is him that We should pattern our lives, Imitate his walk, and keep our minds set on things above. I see you. I haven’t been where you been, but I see you. God allows me to see the hurts and pains you’ve been through; I feel your pain; I cry and weep for you. Your heart needs to be healed From the wounds you been through- Abandoned kids, molested and used and misused Generational family ties that leave cues Of brokenness, neglect, withdrawal. All children of God who just need a break through Seek a relationship with Him because He loves you He will cleanse your path and change your future and free you.

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