My life’s mission is to be an encourager and help others to heal. God placed it in my heart when I was a teenager to be compassionate for others who were going through adversities. He helped me to heal as I went through my own challenges in life, while placing it as a part of my purpose to encourage others to not give up. Enjoy this short poem that he placed in my heart as he continues to develop my purpose with Planting Positive Seeds #PPS in the lives of others. No matter what you are going through, keep your head up and know that trouble doesn’t last always.

He is keeping me!

He is keeping me

In the face of adversity

He is leading me beside the still waters

He is teaching me to trust

In the midst of the storm

Although I have looked darkness

In the face, I vowed to never

Forsake him, because he will never

Forsake me

He is keeping me

© 2016 LaDonna Marie

#overcoming #strength #God #adversity #purpose

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